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Each year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds SepticSmart Week, an annual event centered around outreach activities to educate and encourage homeowners and communities to care for and maintain their septic systems.

Septic Week 2020 will be held September 14-18 this year. For updates on activities and additional information from the EPA, visit:    www.epa/gov/septic/septicsmart-week.

Across the country, local environmental groups, health departments, and governments face challenges posed by improperly maintained and failing septic systems. EPA assists these local groups in promoting homeowner education and awareness. EPA has developed materials targeting homeowners you can download for FREE. For more information and to download available materials, go to:

Educational Fact Sheets

Do your Part, Be SepticSmart

A quick and easy guide on how to care for your septic system is provided in diagram format.

Top 10 Ways to Be a good Septic Owner

Provides 10 important tips for a septic system owner to follow to keep their system working efficiently and problem free.

Proper Landscaping On and Around Your Septic System  

This one page flyer provides  septic system owners information on how to landscape around and above the septic system to not impact the operation of their system. A list of grass types and ground covers are provided dependent upon if you live in a hot, dry climate versus a cooler, moist climate.

Educational Videos

  • Think at the Sink!
  • Learn what not to put down your kitchen sink (such as fats, oils, or greases), how to properly dispose of food waste, and how to use cleaning supplies in moderation.

  • Don't Strain Your Drain!
  • Learn about the importance of using water efficiently, staggering water use of water based appliances, and using energy efficient appliances.

  • Keep it Clean!
  • Learn about the importance of testing your well water, and its relationship to your septic system.

  • Shield Your Field!
  • Learn about your septic system’s drainfield, including how it works, and tips to take care of it.

  • Don't Overload the Commode!
  • Learn about what can be flushed down the toilet, and what should be thrown in the trash.