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The Montana Water Center (MWC) created training resources for and small water and wastewater systems operators. Funded by EPA in the early 2000s, these CDs provided valuable training and continuing education opportunities, particularly for small, rural water system operators. Using the technology and tools available at the time, MWC developed programs covering ground water and surface water basics, water contamination, water quality, water treatment technologies, stormwater issues, and small water system operations. 

  • Water Quality Expedition - Assistance for Small Water Systems
  • Operator Basics Training Series - Ground Water, Surface Water, and Wastewater Lagoons
  • Contamination Explorer for Small Water Systems
  • Virtual System Explorer - exploring untreated groundwater, treated groundwater, and a surface water system
  • Sanitary Survey Fundamentals
  • Microbial Risk Assessment

Although created over 10 years ago, these resources still provide valuable information for operators. To learn more about these resources, go to:

Montana Water Center