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Source Water Assessments and Source Water Protection Planning

Elements of an Effective State Source Water Protection Program
Association of State Drinking Water Administrators, June 2008

National Rural Water Association's Basic Components of a Source Water Protection [ Word Document File ]
As outlined in the 2005 NRWA source water protection grant workplan (EPA funded project), 2005

Your Water. Your Decision.
Source Water Collaborative; Marketing for Change, 2006
This campaign encourages local officials to connect with best practices, people, and other resources that can help them protect their sources of drinking water. The Web site provides several resources to help you promote "Your Water. Your Decision." in your state or community. Go to http://www.yourwateryourdecision.org to download the information.

Water Today. . . Water Tomorrow?
Protecting Drinking Water Sources in Your Community: Tools for Municipal Officials

New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC)
Download chapter files below:

Source Water Protection Practices Bulletins
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), July 2001
Download EPA's Source Water Protection Bulletin: Managing . . .

Source Water Protection Resources for Local Decision-Makers
This is a four-page resource list.

The Groundwater Foundation, 2003 | Booklet with Case Studies
Using Technology To Conduct a Contaminant Source Inventory: A Primer for Small Communities
This booklet was written to provide small communities with information and recommendations regarding the use of technology to conduct contaminant source inventories.


Source Water Protection Planning: Tribes

Drinking Water Quality in Indian Country: Protecting Your Sources
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Fact Sheet, May 2008

Protecting Drinking Water: A Workbook for Tribes [ Zip File ]
The Water Education Foundation, 2000


Source Water Protection Planning, Sample Template and Guidance

Developing a Drinking Water Source Protection Plan, CD-ROM
Ohio EPA; Montana Water Center, 2003
Available at the National Environmental Services Center (NESC). Call toll free at (800) 624-8301 or local at (304) 293-4191 or order by e-mail at info@mail.nesc.wvu.edu.

Developing Local Drinking Water Source Protection Plans in Ohio and Drinking Water Source Protection Provisions in Ohio Rules
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, July 2003


Sample Completed Source Water Protection and Related Plans and Documents

1 - Source Water Protection Planning: Management Strategies for Prioritized Potential Contaminate Sources
2 - Emergency Water Contingency Plan
3 - Outreach Tools: Source Water Protection Survey
4 - Emergency Response Flyer: 911 Drinking Water Protection [ Need Microsoft Office Publisher to open this file. ]
5 - Potential Contaminant Source Inventory Update
6 - Results of Prioritizing Exercise: Potential Pollution Sources
7 - Management Strategies for Prioritized Potential Contaminant Sources
8 - Sample Management Strategies
9 - Roles and Responsibilities, Village of XXX Planning Committee and Ohio RCAP
10 - Proposed Workplan and Schedule of Meetings
11 - Invitation to Participate on Source Water Protection Team
12 - Ground Water Monitoring Plan of the Village of XXX's Source Water Protection Plan
13 - Source Control Strategies (tables)
14 - Contingency Plan: Drinking Water Shortage and Emergency Response Program
15 - Community Survey
17 - "Protecting Your Drinking Water Supply" Flyer
16 - "Protecting Drinking Water Supply: What Can You Do!" Emergency Response Flyer