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Plan Ahead for Emergencies

Protecting Source Water
The Importance of Planning and Management for Small Systems

Addressing Aging Infrastructure

Being Ready for Emergencies


Out of Sight, Out of Mind: America's Aging Infrastructure Desperately Needs an Overhaul
This On Tap article provides a review of the aging infrastructure crisis in the water sector, and outlines strategies small communities can consider to address it.

Managing Aging Water Infrastructure Assets: Planning Ahead Saves Time and Money [word file]
NESC and Rural Community Assistance Partnership
This free Water We Drink article may be rerpinted in local newspapers, newsletters, or other media. It discusses proactive strategies for overseeing or managing the repair, rehabilitation, replacement, and financing of aging water and wastewater infrastructure.

Aging Water Infrastructure: Research for Clean and Safe Drinking Water
Aging water infrastructure is one of the country's top water priorities. EPA's research focuses on increasing the life of drinking water and wastewater systems, determining the causes of system failures and finding ways to prevent future breakdowns. This EPA site provides tools and resources for communities to better understand aging infrastructure and how to address their needs.

Strategies to Deal with Aging Infrastructure
Malcolm Pirnie, Arcadis
This Powerpoint presentation makes it clear that aging infrastructure is only going to get worse. The presentation discusses a risk assessment framework that includes an assessment of your system, its life expectancy, how to plan for failures, and the best approach to maintenance. This 2012 presentation at the Florida Government Finance Officers Association notes that the nation's needs are now more than $1 trillion.

Check Up Program for Small Systems (CUPSS)
This easy-to-use asset management software tool for small drinking water and wastewater utilities helps management personnel ensure their systems are in the best financial condition they can be. Asset management is a planning process for ensuring that you get the most value from your system's assets and have the financial resources available to repair and replace those assets when necessary.

Asset Management: A Handbook for Small Water Systems--One of the Simple Tools for Effective Performance (STEP) Guide Series
This 48-page handbook presents basic concepts of asset management and provides worksheets for developing an asset management plan. Asset management is a planning process for helping to get the most value from your system's assets and having the financial resources available to repair and replace those assets when necessary.