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Winter 2004 Contents

Cover Story
You’d Be Surprised Who’s Stealing Your Water
By Jamie Knotts, contributing writer.
Water theft is a problem for many small systems around the country. In this article you’ll read some interesting stories about water theft and learn ways to combat it. In fact, you’ll be shocked to learn who’s doing the stealing in some communities.

EPA’s Technical Assistance Centers: Tapping Higher Education’s Expertise
By Mark Kemp-Rye, On Tap editor.
In this day and age it’s easy to be overwhelmed by technology. Fortunately, technical assistance centers located at universities in each EPA region are available to help.

A Lesson in Microbiology
By Chain-Wen Wang and Craig Mains, contributing writers.
Are you confused by the difference between a virus and bacteria? Ever wonder about emerging pathogens? This article provides an overview on microbiology and provides a glimpse of a world we can’t even see.

RUS Water and Wastewater Loans and Grants Program
By Mark Kemp-Rye, On Tap editor.
USDA’s Rural Utilities Service is one of the main funding sources for water and wastewater system improvements. This article walks you through the process for securing a loan or grant for your system.

How Old Is Your Water?
By Kathy Jesperson, On Tap associate editor.
For lots of reasons, old water isn’t good water. Water can stagnate in various different parts of a distribution system. Learn where and what can be done about it.

Why Bother With a Valve Exercising Program?

By Dennis Blakely, E.C. Wachs Company.
Most systems recognize that a valve exercising program is a good idea but few actually implement one. Here’s the lowdown on exercising those valves.

Show Me Ratemaker
By Harriet Emerson, contributing writer.
Proper rates are vital for the future of drinking water systems. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has developed an easy-to-use software program that allows small systems to set appropriate rates for their services.

Taking the Mystery Out of the Stage 1-DPB Rule
By Larry Rader, environmental consultant.
The latest regulation is explained here in everyday language.

Inserts - Tech Brief
By Vipin Bhardwaj, NDWC Engineering Scientist
Cross Connection and Backflow Eliminating cross connections and preventing backflow are two of the most important things a water utility can do to prevent contaminated water from entering the distribution system. This Tech Brief examines the problems associated with cross connections and backflow and provides practical solutions for eliminating them.

News and Notes
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Ask the Experts- Experts answered these questions: "What groundwater contaminants or other groundwater problems does your community or system encounter? What are the solutions?"

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