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Featured Products (Winter 2004)

To order, call the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse at (304) 293-4191.
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Lead and Copper Rule Minor Revisions: Fact Sheet for Public Water Systems That Serve 3,300 or Fewer Persons
This factsheet for drinking water system serving 3,300 or fewer people summarizes four categories of changes to the Lead and Copper Rule that took effect in April 2000: demonstrating optimal corrosion control, monitoring and reporting, public education, and lead service line replacement. A list of contacts and sources for additional information are included.
Item #DWBLRG87

Arsenic and Clarifications to Compliance and New Source Monitoring Rule: A Quick Reference Guide
To improve public health, the U.S. EPA reduced the amount of arsenic allowed in public drinking water supplies. This "quick guide" fact sheet explains the changes to the arsenic rule, the public health benefits expected from the changes, critical deadlines, and compliance and monitoring requirements.
Item #DWFSRG86

25 Years of the Safe Drinking Water Act: History and Trends
The ability to improve drinking water quality and human health through research, technology, and protection programs is dependent on our commitment as a society to invest in drinking water. To plan for the future, we need to evaluate our progress thus far in protecting our nation's water supply. This report looks at drinking water quality and the improvements made in the last 25 years through implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act and its amendments.
Item #DWBLRG64

NDWC Offers Updated Operator Basics CD

Water system personnel can learn about small facility operations by working through a series of challenging, colorful, and fun activities presented in this easy-to-use training program. Up to 13.6 hours of training can be docum-ented by working through all 11 units of the groundwater training series.

The Operator Basics Training Series is produced by the Montana Water Center and is available free of charge from the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse (NDWC).

The project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water to provide technical assistance to operators of small public drinking water systems. Trainers may order up to 20 CDs at a time for classes/workshops. Call for availability for larger orders.

Order the Operator Basics CD by calling the NDWC at (304) 293-4191. and ask for item number DWCDTR18. You can also order via e-mail at ndwc_orders Shipping is paid by the NDWC. Visit the Montana Water Center’s Web site at to learn more about the Operator Basics Training Series.