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Interpreting Drinking Water Quality Analysis What Do the Numbers Mean?
Drinking water test results may be difficult to understand. This booklet clarifies test results by defining terms and standards used in the analysis of both public and nonpublic water supplies (home wells). Created primarily for homeowners (but suitable for health departments, environmental organizations, and other interested parties), the book also describes what tests are needed, where to have water tested, and how to treat the water when problems arise.
Item #DWBLPE112

Community Involvement in Drinking Water Source Assessments
By working with their state’s source water protection program, community groups can help identify potential threats to their drinking water. They can also help local officials develop and implement a plan of action to prevent water quality problems. This fact sheet explains the four steps of source water assessments and how communities can participate in the process. It also describes how communities can use assessment information to protect local water sources.
Item #DWFSGN53

Preventive Maintenance Tasks for Tribal Drinking Water Systems
Created like an old-fashioned recipe box, this handy toolkit helps document activities related to maintaining drinking water systems. A guide book outlines daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, and 3x5 cards hold the corresponding data. The kit allows changes and additions depending on a system’s treatment method and water supply. Additional sources information and contacts are provided. Note: the kit does not take the place of a complete operation and maintenance manual.
Item #DWPKOM24

NDWC Offers FREE Sanitary Survey Course Prep CD
Once again, the Montana Water Center (MWC) gives water system personnel a fun and informative training CD—the Sanitary Survey Fundamentals Prep Course—and the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse (NDWC) is a primary distributor.

Sanitary Sam, the CD's host, leads field staff through the procedures of inspecting and evaluating small water systems through interactive animation, games, narration, and video.

Course basics take about two hours to complete, preparing inspectors-to-be for the fast-paced sanitary survey workshops.

Call the NDWC at (304) 293-4191. and ask for item #DWCDTR19. Maximum orders of 20 CDs can be requested by those who provide the 2-day or 3.5-day sanitary survey workshops. You can also find more information at