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Summer 2003 Contents

Cover Story
On Tap Editor Mark Kemp-Rye wrote the cover story Sustainable Development: When Enough Is Enough. In a world facing water shortages and burgeoning populations, learning to live within our means isn't a luxury-it's a necessity. This article explains key concepts contained in the subject sustainable development and explores how they apply to the water industry.

Overcoming Obstacles: Women Beg, Borrow, and Swap to Build Water System- In this inspirational story by Jamie Knotts, three women show how they made it through seemingly insurmountable challenges to develop a water system for their community.

Water System Consolidation Works- Associate Editor Kathy Jesperson investigates a regional water project in Kentucky. The Logan-Todd Regional Water Commission links 12 small communities into one regional entity.

Videoconferences Provide Solution to Training Challenges
- Many small towns and rural communities-particularly those in the West-have trouble sending personnel to training sessions, especially when travel times are long and distances great.
This article explores how Nevada has developed a series of videoconferences to train water operators.

Lower Brule Tribe Builds New Water Plant- What are the odds of a small Indian tribe in rural South Dakota becoming a showcase for the latest treatment technology? Pretty small, you might say. But, that's exactly what happened with the Lower Brule Tribe.

Filter Backwash Rule Set to Take Effect- Everything you need to know about this regulation, set to take effect in December.

Tech Brief
The Tech Brief, a regular feature in On Tap that describes treatment technologies and issues for drinking water professionals, discusses pumps. Whether moving source water to the treatment plant, getting treated water to storage facilities, or injecting chemicals during the treatment process, pumps fulfill a vital role in any water system.

How To
Finding a water line break is the subject of this quarter's "How To" feature. Larry Rader describes the various techniques the "old pros" use in finding leaks

Wisconsin’s Year of Water -
Governor James Doyle proclaimed the year 2003 to be Wisconsin’s “Year of Water.” Events have been held around the state to, as Doyle says, “celebrate water as our most precious natural resource.” One of those events was a poetry reading, held in Madison, with water as the theme. These poems are from that reading.

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Ask the Experts- Experts answered the question, "How does your utility handle water theft generally and, more specifically, how do you deal with unauthorized use of fire hydrants or contractors who bypass meters when building?"

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