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Cover Story
Climate Change Challenges: Water's Future Might Be In Question (PDF, 944KB)
This issue’s cover article is about global warming and how it may not only affect the quantity of water, but its quality as well. The article, Climate Change Challenges: Water’s Future Might be in Question, discusses how global changes affect water through drought, flooding, and other conditions related to a warming earth. These conditions not only may cause short supplies of water, but also have an affect on water’s quality—concentrating contaminants and thus making the water difficult to treat.

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Water Supplies Decrease as Drought Lingers (PDF, 588KB)
The feature article Water Supplies Decrease as Drought Lingers, by Natalie Eddy, discusses how the lingering drought of the U.S. and its consequences.

Water Wars: Whose Water Is It and Why Do I Need a Permit to Use It? (PDF, 1.5MB)
Water Wars: Whose water is it? And Why do I need a permit to use it? is a reprint from the Fall 2001 issue of On Tap. Although printed nearly six years ago, its content is still applicable today.

How To: Handle Chlorine Safely (PDF, 868KB)
This How To was written by Zane Satterfield and contains important information that any drinking water treatment operator needs to know: handling the chlorine supplies in safe manner to avoid spills and health hazards.

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Tech Brief
Tech Brief: Development of Low-Cost Treatment Options for Arsenic Removal in Water Treatment Facilities (PDF, 612KB)
The “Tech Brief” Development of Low-Cost Treatment Options for Arsenic Removal in Water Treatment Facilities was written by Kathy Jesperson and discusses an arsenic treatment option tested by the Midwest Technology Assistance Center. This treatment option uses hydrogen peroxide, additional iron, and aeration the effectively treat arsenic in the supplies of small drinking water systems. It also demonstrates how treatment can be effective and low cost.

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In Every Issue
Ask the Experts (PDF, 264KB)
Why should a water system be prepared for an emergency?
What kinds of emergencies should they be prepared for?

Calendar of Events (PDF, 288 KB)
What's coming up; Where it's happening; and Who to contact.

News and Notes (PDF, 716 KB)
The latest news and trends affecting the drinking water industry.

On the Web (PDF, 348 KB)
Useful Web site descriptions and links.

Until Next Time (PDF, 228 KB)
Do We Have a Water Problem?
Using Social Marketing to Solve Problems.

“Until Next Time” is an article by Jeff Hoffman. Its title is Do we have a water problem? Using Social Marketing to Solve Problems. This article explains how social marketing campaigns can be used to help communities solve their water problems.

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