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Featured Products (Fall 2003)

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Reducing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination by Improving Wellhead Management and Conditions
The condition of your well and its proximity to contamination sources determine the risk it poses to your groundwater. This booklet discusses wells and practices to reduce the risk of groundwater contamination including well construction and maintenance; age, type, and depth of the well; well testing; and  unused or abandoned wells.
Item #DWBLPE165

Safe Drinking Water - How can we provide it in our community?
Important issues come up when discussing community drinking water provision, like water contamination, upgrading current treatment facilities, keeping customers informed, and responsible system management. This booklet of 13 worksheets is intended to be used as a group decision-making tool in a workshop setting.
Item #DWBLMG48

Homeowner’s Septic Tank Information Package
The National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC), Penn State College of Agriculture, and Florida Septic Tank Association partnered to create a homeowner’s septic tank information package.
This package includes:
• a recordkeeping folder for storing documents, such as the septic system permit, site drawings, and maintenance and repair information;

• six brochures about septic system maintenance that describe how to recognize potential problems and offer advice on landscaping;

• three issues of the NSFC’s Pipeline newsletter that focus on septic system management and inspections; and

• a fact sheet about various household cleaning solutions that offer safe alternatives to chemical cleansers.

This package will be useful for contractors, developers, the general public, local and state officials, and public health officials.

NSFC also offers the brochures and Pipeline issues included in the package separately. To order, call the NSFC at (304) 293-4191. and request item# WWPKPE28. The cost is $2.25.

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