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Small Community U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPA's mission is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment—air, water, and land—upon which life depends.

Clean Water Indian Program
EPA's Office of Wastewater Management (OWM) recognizes that Indian tribes and Native Alaskan Villages face significant human health and environmental problems. OWM partners with the EPA Regions, other federal agencies, tribal organizations, state agencies and others to help build tribal wastewater infrastructure, improve water pollution control programs, and strengthen tribal capacity to effectively manage their public health and water resource programs.

Drinking Water Academy (DWA)
Established by the U.S. EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, the Drinking Water Academy (DWA) is a long-term training initiative whose primary goal is to expand EPA, State, and Tribal capabilities to implement the 1996 AmendmenTribal groupsts to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

Academia de Agua Potable
Bienvenido(a) a la versi-n en espaol de las piginas de la Academia de Agua Potable. Este sitio brinda acceso al material en espaol de capacitacin de agua potable de la Agencia de Proteccin Ambiental (EPA por sus siglas en ingls).

EPA Environmental Education Center
The EPA has put together a collection of fact sheets, brochures, and web pages that help explain environmental issues to students. These resources offer basic and clear information about air, ecosystems, conservation, water, waste and recycling, and human health.

Environmental Finance Program (EFP)
EPA's EFP promotes and facilitates effective and efficient environmental infrastructure through innovative financial and engineering techniques. Click here for links to EPA's 10 Environmental Finance Centers.

EPA Grant Writing Tutorial
This interactive software tool from EPA walks the user through the grant-writing process and helps them learn to write more competitive grants.

EPA's Office of Wastewater Management (OWM)
The EPA's OWM oversees a range of programs contributing to the well-being of the nation's waters and watersheds. Through its programs and initiatives, OWM promotes compliance with the requirements of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

EPA Small Communities
EPA's Office of Wastewater Management provides water and wastewater services to Native American tribes and small communities through its "Small Communities Team," which partners with organizations to provide
technical assistance, financial assistance, and education and training.

EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (OGWDW)
Together with states, tribes, and many partners, EPA's Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water protects public health by ensuring safe drinking water and protecting ground water.

EPA Groundwater and Drinking Water Links
This site contains links to state and territorial drinking water protection programs, agencies, and organizations.

EPA's 10 area offices serve the following sections of the country:

EPA Region 1
Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Tribal groups

EPA Region 2
New Jersey, Puerto Rico, New York, U.S. Virgin Islands, Tribal nations

EPA Region 3
Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

EPA Region 4
Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Tribal groups

EPA Region 5
Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tribal groups

EPA Region 6
Arkansas , Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Tribal groups

EPA Region 7
Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Tribal groups

EPA Region 8
Colorado, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, North Dakota, Wyoming, Tribal groups

EPA Region 9
American Samoa, Nevada, Arizona, Pacific Islands, California, Hawaii, 147 federally recognized Indian tribes

EPA Region 10
Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, 269 federally recognized Indian tribes

EPA Ground Water and Drinking Water in Spanish
El Agua: La Agencia Estadounidense de Protecci-n Ambiental (EPA) trabaja con los estados y los proveedores de agua para asegurar que el peblico reciba agua potable segura.

EPA US/Mexico Border, Colonias
More than nine million people live in U.S./Mexico border area, including approximately 300,000 people on the U.S. side of the border who lack safe drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment systems, or adequate solid waste disposal facilities.