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External sites are not endorsed by NESC and are offered for information purposes only. Please click on the links below to see their designated pages. Links are listed in alphabetical order.

Arizona Water Resources Research Center
Works with public and private organizations and individuals and provides information and services through their publications program, which includes two newsletters, conferences, symposia, and through outreach.

Arkansas Water Resources Center
Conducts water resource research and provides training for scientists in water resources, working closely with state and federal agencies.

Boise State University Environmental Finance Center
This organization provides help to those facing the "how to pay" challenges of environmental protection. This section of their site provides many free software downloads for water systems and others.

The Border EcoWeb is designed to facilitate public access to environmental information for the U.S.–Mexico border region. The project was created to develop an arena where community members can find out what other people and groups are doing to resolve environmental problems in and around the border. The site has an inventory that provides links to various data sets available on the Internet and a directory with information about groups and activities dealing with border environmental issues.

Canaan Valley Institute
SINCE 1995, The Canaan Valley Institute fosters local decision making in support of sustainable communities in the Mid-Atlantic Highlands, which includes portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and all of West Virginia.

The Institute is a not-for-profit, nonadvocacy organization that works to help communities build on their assets and implement locally determined solutions to problems that threaten their economic or environmental resources.

Center for Watershed Stewardship
The Center, at Penn State University, offers continuing education courses for professionals in the field of watershed planning and management as well as a graduate option in watershed stewardship for students in landscape architecture and other disciplines at Penn State University. Students work in teams on yearlong community service projects in partnership with local government, nonprofit organizations and others to learn the process of putting together a sound watershed management plan.

Colorado Water Resources Research Center
The CWRRC is an affiliate of Colorado State University and focuses the water expertise of higher education on the state’s water concerns and problems. CWRRI publishes research completion reports and conference proceedings in order to make current water knowledge readily available. Informational reports are also prepared to explain water issues to Colorado citizens.

Maryland Water Resources Research Center
Established in 1965 to develop new technology and more efficient methods for resolving local, state and national water resources problems. In addition to supporting research, its mission includes training water scientists and engineers and offering information to the public.

Michigan State University Institute of Water Research
Responsible for coordinating research and educational programs on surface water and groundwater quality and quantity.

New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute
Funds research to address water problems critical to New Mexico and the southwest.

Oklahoma State University Water Quality Programs
Promoting and protecting Oklahoma water quality.

Oregon State University's Institute for Water and Watersheds
Formally CWEST, Oregon State University established the Institute for Water and Watersheds as the hub for water-related teaching and research activities at the University.

University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension Water Quality Program
Research-based education and training programs helping Rhode Islanders protect their water resources and health.

Texas Water Resources Institute
The Texas Water Resources Institute provides leadership to stimulate priority research and Extension educational programs in water resources within the Texas A&M University System and throughout Texas.

Universities Water Information Network
The Universities Water Information Network (UWIN) offers information of interest to all concerned with our water resources.

University of California Center for Water Resources
Stimulates and supports water-related research and education activities. Also collects historic and other documents related to water topics and makes the collection available to the public.

Universities Council on Water Resources
The Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) organization consists of over 90 member universities and organizations throughout the world. UCOWR's main objectives are to facilitate water-related education at all levels, promote meaningful research and technology transfer on contemporary water resources issues, and compile information on water problems and solutions.

University of Minnesota Water Resources Center
The Water Resources Center offers water quality programming and materials dealing with topics of public concern, such as: agricultural best management practices; lakes, rivers, and wetlands; onsite sewage treatment; and youth and water resources.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Water Center
The Water Center implements and facilitates water and water-related research, teaching, extension and public outreach programming within the University of Nebraska system. Research areas include: effects of pesticides on waterbodies, agricultural best management practices, lake restoration through nontoxic chemicals, improving irrigation technology and measuring groundwater quality impacts from confined animal feeding operations.

The University of Texas at Austin - Center for Research in Water Resources
CRWR carries out advanced research, education, design, and planning in water resources and waste management primarily related to Texas, but also involving other areas of the U.S. and foreign countries.

University of Wisconsin—Educating Young People About Water
Educating Young People About Water (EYPAW) targets youth and educators to key community members to build partnerships to meet common water education goals.

Utah Water Research Laboratory
The Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) is a stand-alone facility located at Utah State University. The UWRL operates within an academic environment and collaborates with government and private sectors to address technical and societal aspects of water-related issues, including quality, quantity, distribution, and conjunctive use.

Virginia Water Resources Research Center
The Virginia Water Resources Research Center (VWRRC) encourages research on solutions to water resources problems and enhances the transfer of water sciences information to public and private decision makers.

Water Knowledge Page
Maintained by Colorado State University, this site offers links to several water terminology glossaries.

  • Colorado Water Rights Terminology
    Definitions of water rights terms provided by the Office of the State Engineer.
  • Bureau of Reclamation Glossary
    Definitions for terms commonly used by that agency.
  • Cooperative Extension Glossary of Water Terminology
    Definitions for terms commonly used by the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension
  • Glossary of Water Resource Terms
    A general glossary of water resource terms from the Edwards Aquifer homepage. Certain administrative and legal terms may not apply to Colorado.
  • Glossary of Water Use Terms
    The U.S. Geological Survey compiled and defined this list of water use terms.

Water Resources Center Archives
The Water Resources Center Archives maintains and develops a collection of current and historic water-related materials to meet the needs of the University of California and the people of the state.