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Funding Sources

Government Reports/Resources about Water Infrastructure Funding

Additional Funding Source Links

  Funding Sources - Main State funding sources
Federal funding sources Grants and Loans
Federal funding sources: Colonias Special Evaluation Assistance
Emergency Community Water Assistance Government Reports/Resources

Guidebook of Financial Tools: Paying for Environmental Systems (August 2008, revision)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Environmental Finance Program.

A reference resource identifying a wide range of tools for financing sustainable environmental systems, including water and wastewater projects. It is designed to assist those in the public and private sectors to find ways of financing environmental protection initiatives. Topics include (1) Tools for Raising Revenue, (2) Tools for Acquiring Capital, (3) Tools for Enhancing Credit and Lowering Costs, (4) Tools for Building Public-Private Partnerships, (5) Tools for Delivering Financial Outreach, (6) Tools for Accessing State and Local Funding, (7) Tools for Financing and Encouraging Pollution Prevention and Recycling, (8) Tools for Financing Community-Based Environmental Protection, (9) Tools for Financing Brownfields Redevelopment, (10) Tools for Financing Small Businesses and the Environmental Goods and Services Industry.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Finance Page

This EPA webpage provides links to information about EPA’s Environmental Finance Program and a variety of financial tools and funding sources, including funding water- and wastewater-related projects.

Rural Water Infrastructure: Federal Agencies Provide Funding but Could Help Increase Coordination to Help Communities: Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives (February 27, 2015)
Statement of Alfredo Gomez, Director, Natural Resources and Environment Team.
US Government Accountability Office.

This Government Accountability Office Report identifies federal agencies that provide funding or technical assistance to rural communities, issues that affect rural communities’ ability to obtain funding for water and wastewater infrastructure, and recommends ways federal agencies can improve the coordination of funding for rural communities.